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Corporal Catherine Hyde, and the squad she’s attached to, are sent on a mission to find survivors of bomb attacks that have devastated most of the British Isles. Everything starts to go wrong when the whole squad are captured by cannibalistic Cavers, or killed by the scavengers that follow in the Cavers wake. Hyde is the only one to escape death at their hands, and she makes it her mission to carry out the orders her unit had been given. Her task is met with danger wherever she goes, but it won’t stop her from completing her objective…getting a handful of survivors back to the main bomb shelter back in London.



My review for the wonderful E.M. Swift-Hook’s ‘Trust a Few’:

Trust A Few by E.M. Swift-Hook

E.M. Swift-Hook does it again! Her story telling jumps out and hits you in the smacker, full force.

In this first book of 3 of the second ‘Fortune’s Fool’s’ trilogy ‘Huruspex’, we are confronted with some familiar faces, Avilon Ravid and Durban Chola. Then there are some ‘not so’ familiar faces, Jaz Baldrick and Charity Sweetling…and the enigma that is ‘Shame Cullen’, and it is Shame Cullen that brings them all together. Each character’s story is intricately woven and each have their little quirks.

Avilon Ravid has been released from his service from the specials after 5 years forced service. He has no memory of his past life, only what he’s been told be the coalition. Jaz Baldrick was like a brother to him, and had been discharged a little beforehand. Avilon makes it his mission to find Jaz, getting caught up in the trappings of Shame Cullen along the way.

Trust is always an issue as the story goes forward. Making you wonder, who can be trusted in the first place. It is gripping, and brutal in places… and has an ending that leaves you wanting more…I love the way the author ends her books… crafty =D.

If you like Space Opera’s, add this book to your list. You’ll regret it if you don’t.


If you like Hard SciFi, you’ll love ‘Stormhaven Rising’ by Eric Michael Craig

Stormhaven Rising by Eric Michael Craig

Stormhaven Rising is a multifaceted story based around the prospect of an Asteroid hitting the earth at breakneck speed, and the lengths that could be taken if something like that were to happen. The story is told from several prospective’s, from a political and scientific stand point.

The plot was slightly reminiscent, and please don’t judge me for comparing a book to a film (or films, in this case), but it reminded me of a cross between Deep Impact and Armageddon…but only in places.

There was a fair bit of dialogue in this story, which was really well done. I love a book with a great dialogue and this one ticked all the boxes. I have to say, this is probably the longest book i’ve ever read, but by no means was it boring…in fact, it was the complete opposite. I found it difficult to put down, but I knew I would get the sack if I didn’t XD.

Long story short, if you like epic, well written Sci-fi novels, with the odd reference to Star Trek…yes, I did notice the references =)…then you’ll love this book.


Saucy fantasy at its best:

Ramatel's Vow by Joel Crofoot

Good vs Evil and a struggle with feelings!

Again, the angels find themselves fighting demons. This time they have to try and save babies from a solstic sacrifice. In between all of this, Ramatel, a fallen angel trying to adjust to life outside of hell is flung into disarray when Clara enters his life. She is sent to him by the Father as part of a penance. As time goes on, their relationship gets stronger.

The story revolves around redemption, love and loss… and the ever present demons. There are some good fights scenes and good sex scenes…hot, hot, hot!

The book itself is really well written. Fast paced and action packed. The characters are well thought out and structured. I recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of a genre mixture…as the has several rolled into one.


The Leshy by N.C. Stow

Another great folk lore tale!

Another great little tale from a very talented author. What I like about short stories is the fact that the twists at the end are epic…and this is no exception to the rule. This a sweet little tale set in Winter, based around Russian folk lore. It’ll grab you and pull you in from the very beginning, and watch out for that ending.



Voopyre by N.C. Stow

A foreboding tale based around Russian folklore!

This story is based around Russian folklore. It tells of a girl/woman, called Zlata, who has been put into such a position, that there is no escaping what was in store for her. The lengths she had to go to to save her village from the ‘Voopyre’. The moral of this story is never trust the spirit called beast master. He will take everything from you from doing one favour.

All in all, I loved this short, foreboding tale. It was well written, had a nice twist at the end.

I recommend it wholeheartedly.



Coffee Break Read – Charis (1)

This is a good segment from one of my favourite books, Mistrust and Treason by the wonderfully talented, E.M. Swift-Hook.

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“You can confirm your registered name is Charity Sweetling?”
Charis nodded, expecting to see the usual smile when she gave her full name, but this official just raised an eyebrow.
“I need you to answer me, please. You are in no way disabled so a full verbal answer is required.”
“Oh. Sure. Sorry. Yes. That is my registered name. But could I ask what this is about?”
The official glanced up, looking back to his screen, as if he had not heard her question.
“You were born on a non-Coalition planet and arrived in Central when you were assessed as being an estimated four years old, a certain Vor Franet declared you as a seeker of asylum on the grounds that were you to be returned to your home you would face certain abuse through enslavement.”
Charity nodded again, then realised and said quickly: “Yes.”
The official went on in…

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Jane Jago’s Daily Drabble – Thirty

Another drabble from talented wordsmith, Jane Jago.

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Elder Beaumont got hisself killed, leaving behind a plain-faced, but wealthy, wife. When Brother Abram offered her the honour of becoming one of his wives, she refused him.

The shockwaves had barely settled when she took a husband of her own choosing, and there wasn’t a blamed thing to be done.

They could’ve shunned her, I guess. But wealth brings its own privilege.

Then she also married her husband’s brother.

The elders searched the holy book to no avail.

‘Each person may take such helpmeets as their soul deems correct, and their purse can afford.’

God knows no gender…

©️jj 2018

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Author feature, Lac du Mort and Other Stories by Joanne van Leerdam

Must get this!

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Out Today! From the macabre to the deeply disturbing, Lac Du Mort and Other Stories by Joanne Van Leerdam delivers eight chilling tales that will please lovers of horror and dark fiction.

The title means ‘lake of death’, which is also the title of the first story in this collection of original and evocative stories. The stories often draw on typically Australian settings that add an extra layer of originality and interest, and there is actually a town not far from where I live named ‘Mortlake’, which means the same thing. I wonder how many locals have thought about that!  However, I don’t want to be held responsible for a decrease in tourism or business in the area, so Lac Du Mort was probably a better choice.

From ‘Garrawi Lake’.

Lou dumped the totes and towels on the grass, then swung the camera bag off her shoulder and placed it…

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The Thinking Quill

Again, some sound advice from MFM!

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Howdy y’all.

It is one. Your perspicacious pedagogue. Your towering tutor. Your world-travelling writer. Moonbeam Farquhar Metheringham IV, author of the speculative fiction classic ‘Fatswhistle and Buchtooth’. Man of means. Man of moods.  Man of delicious madness (of which more later).

One is, needless to say, back chez maman – that muscular and impressively mustachioed female of uncertain age and equally uncertain temperament – who was nonetheless flatteringly pleased to see one, and absolutely thrilled to learn that the guns of one’s skinny, wrinkled, orange sperm donor have been so carefully and completely spiked courtesy of a small man with a Bronx accent and hairy earlobes. The woman even went so far as to throw her arms around one and blow draconically alcohol-laden breath in one’s face. However, I digress and I know my adoring students will be agog to know the wellspring of their beloved maestro’s ecstatic madness. Learn patience…

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The Drifter

I love this blog.

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It isn’t given to everybody to be able to identify the precise moment when they fall for the love of their life…

It was Saturday night and the drifter drove his beat-up truck into just one more trail-end town. Truth to tell he would have preferred somewhere livelier as he had money in his pocket, but he was tired and hungry. He parked the Dodge outside a tiny diner only to see the closed sign go up on the door as he swung to the ground. An old timer and his equally ancient dog stopped and looked at him.
“Food at Belle’s Bar over the street’s better than the slop they serve here. Can even get decent coffee if’n you don’t want beer with your meal.”
The drifter tipped his hat in a grateful salute and made his way to Belle’s.

The old timer hadn’t lied about the food or…

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Coming Soon – Dying for a Vacation

I think you are going to enjoy this!

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The next instalment in the Dai and Julia Mysteries alternative history series about a couple who are detectives in the fight against crime in a modern-day Britain still ruled by the Roman Empire.

Turning out for a dawn raid was one of the aspects of his old job as a vigilesinvestigator in Londinium that Dai Llewellyn had imagined would not be featuring in the elevated role he now held as Submagistratus for Demetae and Cornovii based in Viriconium. He would have been quite happy to leave it in the capable hands of his Senior Investigator, Bryn Cartivel and the small group of grim faced Praetorians on temporary secondment, under their decanus, Brutus Gaius Gallus. But orders were orders and these came from Rome.

The Magistratus had been regretful about it.

“I know you don’t want to go careering over the countryside at the moment, but this is something…

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Author Feature – Uther’s Destiny by Tim Walker

Always worth a look.

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BAREFOOT CHILDREN RAN beside the great grey horse of their king, whooping and cheering. Uther looked down and grunted his pleasure, throwing a handful of small brass Roman sestertii he kept for such moments. They had travelled thirty miles in a slow celebration of victory from the south coast and could now see the stone walls and gatehouse of Venta Bulgarum as the sun dipped to the west.

Rose petals rained down over Uther and his knights as they passed through the impressive arched gatehouse – wide enough for two ox carts to pass side by side. Townsfolk clad in a mix of animal hides and woollen garments lined the street and hung from the porticos of terraced two-storey houses that led to the forum. Uther dismounted and was greeted by his smiling daughter, Morgana, her long black hair splayed out over the shoulders of her white, gold-edged gown. She…

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